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Providing high-precision advanced technology

HOCIT conducts academic research on advanced technology, and after understanding the algorithm of advanced technology, implements the latest advanced technology model, so it is possible to introduce advanced technology with hemp accuracy. At HOCIT, you can experience such cutting-edge digital technology and build your career. Thinking about AI as a product-Sales / business development dealing with advanced technology

--AI solutions in the industrial field

In the industrial sector, defects are required to be detected and remedied immediately in order to minimize waste on the production line. By introducing an AI solution, it is possible to quickly identify the cause and take measures to minimize defects. There are already cases such as hotspot detection and building maintenance.

--- AI-based image / video analysis

It is difficult to collect data by closely observing the number of visitors and customer behavior in a place with many people such as a large-scale commercial facility. By using the provided image / video analysis technology, it is possible to detect detailed human behavior and predict the number of visitors and future visitors. By applying this technology, there is a wide range of potential applications such as equipment monitoring, intrusion detection, and defect detection.

-Clinical research / diagnosis / treatment support AI solution

The field related to healthcare is a field that we have been involved in since our founding. By using the technology that can analyze "from the smallest data" that Hakarus is good at, data from blood pressure, heart rate, activity level to CT and MRI of the brain can be utilized to support diagnosis. We are currently working on a demonstration experiment project in collaboration with a major international pharmaceutical company.

-Embedded • FPGA low power consumption AI solution

The feature of AI solution is that it can operate with low computing resources and low power consumption. Because of this feature, we are developing an FPGA chip for easy integration into devices such as cameras, routers, and industrial equipment. We are also promoting the adoption of embedded devices, and are currently co-developing with a router manufacturer.

Algorithm licensing business that digitally redefines new work styles and businesses by socially implementing cutting-edge academia technology in the fields of human sensing and image recognition

By utilizing the knowledge of deep learning and digitally quantifying the business scenes of various real industries involving humans, we will realize a simple and lively society without "complexity, inefficiency, and irrationality." I will.

・ New business development, support, and support in the medical / healthcare field

・ Development of new business utilizing medical data and data of wearable devices (including those made in-house)

・ Medical / long-term care related facilities, management evaluation of medical related manufacturers, marketing analysis

・ Design, development and verification of medical healthcare products

・ Management of joint research with famous universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas such as Harvard

・ Policy proposals utilizing healthcare data

--RPA Division

Proposal for operational efficiency combined with the latest solutions such as AI, OCR, and cloud, centered on RPA

-Responsible for all phases related to RPA introduction by major companies, such as project promotion management.・ Business hearing (heart • IS, To-BE business flow), requirement definition, design, development / customer support, meeting material creation / facilitation • Acquisition of the latest technology, information sharing bids for team members, etc. We will contribute to the development of our RPA division, such as band creation, acquisition of skills and qualifications for major RPA, AI, and OCR tools, and HP management for marketing. We will realize a happy society by solving social issues using AI.

■ AI innovation

We continue to create cutting-edge innovation by discovering and solving industrial and social issues in various industries.

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I & C Cruise Co., Ltd.

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IMJ Corporation

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Adidas Japan KK

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ALC Co., Ltd.

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Co., Ltd.

Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd.

WebMoney Corp.

Ateam Co., Ltd.

Excite Japan Co., Ltd.

Enish Co., Ltd.

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NTT Business Associe Corporation

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Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.

GungHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Keyware Solutions Inc.

Key Management Solutions Co., Ltd.

KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd.

KeyPro Creative Co., Ltd.

Gumi Co., Ltd.

Gurunavi Co., Ltd.

Golf Digest Online Inc.

CyberAgent, Inc.

Sotheby League Co., Ltd.

Zappallas, Inc.

Sammy Networks Co., Ltd.

Sunrise Co., Ltd.

Suntory Holdings Limited

J Sports Co., Ltd.

CIJ Co., Ltd.

GMO Internet Co., Ltd.

George P. Johnson Co., Ltd.


Seibu Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Septeni Co., Ltd.

Saver Co., Ltd.

SERAKU Co., Ltd.

Softbank Corp.

Soliton Systems Co., Ltd.

Tiger Corporation

Diamond Head Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.

D2C Co., Ltd.

Digital Hearts Co., Ltd.

Niscom Co., Ltd.

Nifty Corporation

Japan KFC Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nippon Television Network Corporation

Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Viacom Networks Japan Co., Ltd.

Himax Co., Ltd.

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MyStays Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

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Universal Music LLC

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Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

WOWOW Co., Ltd.

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Emotional AI technology

In the experiment, we proposed a "recommended" menu that seems to be of great interest to customers, the effectiveness of the function to reduce hesitation when ordering, the efficiency of customer service operations in stores, and the non-required in the with corona era. It verifies the usefulness of ordering by face-to-face / non-contact operation.
The experiment period is from August 2nd to 6th.
Emotion AI technology is a technology that uses deep learning to estimate potential emotions from a person's natural facial expressions and behavior. The "proposal-type ordering system" uses the "interest / interest estimation technology", which is one of the emotional AI technologies installed in the customer service support middleware "Counter", from the facial expression data obtained from the camera of the self-ordering terminal and the line-of-sight sensor. From the obtained line-of-sight data, we propose a "recommended" menu that seems to be of great interest to the customer using a unique algorithm, and support the customer's order.
In addition to eliminating the hesitation of menu selection, customers' impatience and tension due to not knowing how to order can be alleviated, and store staff productivity and stress can be reduced by shortening ordering time and smooth ordering. You can expect it.
In the demonstration experiment, customers who agreed to the experiment actually placed an order at the actual Subway store and collected the feeling of use by questionnaire, so even customers who are unfamiliar with the ordering style of Subway can easily and comfortably operate without contact. Verify that you can place an order. In addition, we will conduct a demonstration experiment to improve efficiency, such as shortening the customer service time per person.
We aim to provide a new customer service that is adapted to the "new normal" of infectious disease prevention in the Wizcorona era by realizing non-contact support that combines line-of-sight input and voice input on terminals that fully automate orders.