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Utilizing the mechanism of acquired genome modification
Development of basic drug discovery technology In the field of acquired genome modification, we launched a project from the earliest stage in the world.
The mechanism of acquired genome modification and drug discovery development based on it will greatly contribute to the future development of Japan.
It is highly commendable that we succeeded in forming a broad and solid platform that contributes significantly.
In addition, by setting up an intensive research institute on the university campus, open innovation through industry-academia collaboration
This is a good example of how the model worked.
Three R & D items, Acquired Genome Modification Analysis Technology Development, Relationship between Acquired Genome Modification and Disease
Achieve R & D goals in all of basic technology development and exploratory empirical research
He has achieved excellent results such as the development of histone modification analysis technology and the development of cancer diagnostic kits.
Basic technologies for acquired genome modification, technologies related to diseases, especially diagnostic markers and histone modification groups
Since many epoch-making basic technologies such as the matching analysis method have been established, we will develop them in the clinical setting.
Please consider the future direction. Also, for early commercialization, obtained from the project
I was studying a methodology that could provide the information, basic technology, etc. to other researchers and domestic companies.
I want to come.
Advanced Preventive Medicine Research
True cognition with a high degree of dementia medical care in a super-aging society
A professional illness doctor is sought. This program
Knowledge / medical skills and community at the forefront of dementia medical care
Multi-employees who can provide a wide range of support to people with dementia and their families
Species collaboration, research ability to create future medical care for dementia (including prevention)
The purpose is to train doctors with such skills
Neuropsychological research and brain imaging research for psychiatric and neurological disorders
Research and basic research related to cognitive science and clinical neuropsychology
going. That is, each year from infants to the elderly
Clinical using age-appropriate clinical psychology or neuropsychology techniques
Clinical studies on diagnosis and various therapeutic and prophylactic interventions
to hold. Also, the human brain and memory, perception, thoughts, language, people
Relationship with case, relationship between brain and cognitive function and development, gender difference, and aging
About, Basic Research by Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Science
I will do the research. The keywords are frontal lobe function, memory, and social cognition.
Clinical neuropsychology rooted in clinical practice with the following specific pillars
With cognitive neuroscience aimed at useful research and clinical practice
We are conducting basic research.
1) Neuropsychological research in higher brain dysfunction
2) Improvement of cognitive function of neuropsychiatric disorders and elucidation of neuroplasticity
3) Lifelong development of brain and cognitive functions
Aging Health Brain Science Research Department
1) "Neuroaging" is the greatest risk factor for the development of neurodegenerative diseases as well as dementia. By studying the molecular mechanism of nerve aging, we will elucidate the pathophysiology of dementia from a new perspective and develop preventive and therapeutic methods.
2) Furthermore, as disease research, we will mainly focus on diseases other than Alzheimer's disease among degenerative diseases that cause dementia associated with aging. In particular, we will conduct research on degenerative diseases such as Lewy body disease (Diffuse Lewy body disease and Parkinson's disease with dementia) and frontotemporal lobar degeneration for elucidation of etiology, diagnosis, and development of treatment.
3) Conduct a small-scale clinical study to verify the results of 1) and 2) in humans. The study will be conducted with the goal of conducting early diagnosis, intervention, and therapeutic research, especially for the frail elderly and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). For that purpose, a biomarker (surrogate marker) for determining the therapeutic effect with excellent quantitativeness and stability is indispensable. Furthermore, in order to put the surrogate marker measurement into practical use, an inexpensive system for simultaneously measuring a large number of items is required, and this is done.
4) Promote joint research within the institute and with neighboring research facilities in order to efficiently promote the research of 1) -3).
Technology development related to corona infection aggravation evaluation, drug development, etc. by biological nano-quantum sensor technology Information on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of infection / proliferation, aggravation, and immune response for unknown infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus infection , Infection detection, aggravation prediction / prevention, treatment / drug development. The "bio-nano-quantum sensor technology" using nanodiamonds currently under development by QST makes it possible to measure the local temperature and pH inside living cells under a microscope, which causes it to occur inside living cells. It captures the infection / proliferation process of the virus, the immune response, and the action of the drug. Research and development using state-of-the-art equipment, especially equipment using quantum technology, will greatly progress through collaboration between companies unfamiliar with quantum technology and QST.
Evaluation of aggravation of corona infection by hyperpolarized MRI technology, technological development related to drug development, etc. Development of treatment / prevention methods for unknown infectious diseases such as new coronavirus infection and drug efficacy evaluation are urgent issues. This is a technological development to utilize information related to the molecular mechanism of infection / proliferation and aggravation in treatment and drug development. Conventional MRI, which focuses on signal detection of hydrogen atoms, could not capture metabolism (change in molecular type) in the body, but the hyperpolarization technology currently under development makes it possible to change signals such as carbon atoms by orders of magnitude. By tracking the metabolic process in the body, we will elucidate the mechanism of aggravation and develop therapeutic agents that suppress it. Research and development using state-of-the-art equipment, especially equipment using quantum technology, will greatly progress through collaboration between companies unfamiliar with quantum technology and QST.
Ultra-sensitive sensing using a solid-state quantum sensor ・ We are developing a technology for sensing magnetic fields, currents, temperatures, etc. in materials and living organisms with ultra-high sensitivity using diamond with Q-LEAP. In the post-corona society, not only remote and unmanned monitoring and control of devices and devices, but also the introduction of IoT and the accumulation and utilization of data associated with it are expected to further advance. The following social implementations can be considered by measurement sensing technology based on quantum technology.
-Measure the temperature and current of the battery of an electric vehicle, which is expected to become more widespread in the future, with high accuracy, and contribute to the higher performance of the electric vehicle. It can also be applied to monitoring that catches signs of aging power system failures. Magnetoencephalography can be measured as a precise magnetic field sensor at room temperature, and it is expected to be applied to the condition monitoring of automobile drivers.
・ In the construction of measurement / diagnosis technology for the onset / severity of infectious diseases and diseases, chemical composition measurement at the molecular level, visualization of temperature and pH distribution inside individual cells, organs, etc. Ultra-sensitive visualization of internal drug distribution is possible.
Gate-type quantum computer and quantum software ・ Quantum AI Quantum computer and quantum software have been developed to efficiently develop analysis technology for a large amount of data. Expected to utilize quantum computers, such as (1) quantum machine learning / quantum AI, (2) search / recommendation algorithms, optimization, (3) scientific and technological calculations such as quantum chemistry / physics, thermo-fluid analysis, etc. Is expected.

<Usage example>
① Quantum machine learning, quantum AI
・ Early detection of illness by learning time-series data of health examination
・ Classification of chemical substance structures and improvement of accuracy of chemical informatics
・ Improvement of chemoinformatics, acceleration of pharmaceutical development speed, etc.
(2) Applications such as search / recommendation algorithms and optimization
・ Improvement of convenience by online purchase, search and recommendation of books and media data
・ Optimization of logistics and staffing, real-time guidance of evacuation routes in the event of a disaster
・ Providing educational content tailored to individual abilities and interests
③ Science and technology calculation
・ Acceleration of quantum material development by speeding up and advancing quantum chemistry and physical analysis
・ Acceleration of development of artificial photosynthesis, interface function, and high-efficiency catalyst
・ Academic development on elementary particles, condensed matter physics, and quantum life phenomena
① RIKEN Center for Emergent Physical Characteristics
(2) Osaka University Leading Interdisciplinary Research Organization Quantum Information and Quantum Life Research Center
Viral infection sensor In order to monitor the health condition of each person with high accuracy in order to respond to the new coronavirus, which has a high risk of infection, sensors with normal temperature operation, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-compactness, and ultra-high sensitivity are indispensable. .. A wearable sensor that can be constantly monitored can be realized by using a quantum sensor material that can be manufactured by high-precision ion beam generation and irradiation. This makes it possible to constantly monitor the health condition, which leads to faster detection of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus.
Telexistence technology We are developing the hardware, software, and AI of a humanoid avatar robot that can perform the same movements as humans.
This will enable remote work in an environment where it is more important to provide employment opportunities that enable remote work due to the new coronavirus, especially for essential workers engaged in the retail and logistics industries. Contribute to labor.
On the business side, as the Japanese worker population is declining at an accelerating rate, it will be possible to provide a working environment regardless of the place of work, and ultimately, by realizing automation, the productivity of each industry will be achieved. Contribute to improvement.

Since the video is easy to understand, I would like to attach a link to the one that was recently demonstrated with FamilyMart for a limited time.
We plan to start developing an app by the end of the fiscal year to expand online medical examinations for pregnant women. Developed a new system to watch over the foetation
Experience-based lifestyle-related improvement service
At the Tohoku University COI base, we are proceeding with research and development related to daily human docks by casual sensing in daily life, and one of the efforts is to prevent the loss of promising human resources due to health by medium-sized and large companies promoting health management. We are working on the development of a business model for BtoBtoC housing and healthcare services that we recommend to the target people. Preventive medical care and prevention of aggravation using remote technology (Connected Health) ○ At the COI base of the University of Tokyo, based on accumulated health-related data, risk prediction models through machine learning, future lifestyle-related diseases, etc. We have been developing a health management application "Body Prediction Map MIRAMED" that calculates the risk of developing a disease, and we have conducted demonstration tests using this application in Okayama City and Kanagawa Prefecture, and companies that utilize this application. Has supported the insurance products of.
○ This time, we will improve the function of the app so that it can be used for remote specific health guidance for local governments such as Okayama City so that we can properly manage health under the new corona infection, and also live activity meter. Using fitbit data, we have been developing health management solutions by understanding the effects of telework on health.
○ We plan to implement a new service that reflects the above results.
Fully automatic sleep measurement / analysis by AI Development / practical application of AI brain wave measurement device that automatically determines sleep stage by analysis of brain wave during sleep, and development of sleep measurement system based on utilization / evaluation of highly accurate teacher data , Commercialize a service business that allows you to receive necessary tests while you are at home without going to the hospital, realize objective evaluation of sleep status at general medical institutions, and aim to contribute to appropriate diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. ..
Nursing care system with non-restraint large-area sheet sensor Senior watching & healthcare IOT business With noise processing technology, it is possible to automate or predict long-term care records with a "non-contact biosensor" that can acquire biometric data in the range of tens of centimeters to several meters. Utilizing "AI behavior recognition technology", a caregiver can appropriately manage multiple patients through a dedicated app, creating businesses that contribute to improving safety and work efficiency at nursing care sites, and living in cities We aim to realize IOT solutions for elderly people to live "safer," "comfortable," and "rewarding."
IT drug discovery technology for medium molecules that makes full use of AI supercomputers Predicting the persistence of peptides in the body by machine learning, and making it possible to predict peptide cell membrane permeability 100,000 times faster than before. By advancing the technology to deal with more complex peptides and realizing the combined use with machine learning, we aim to develop a business for predicting internal sustainability and cell membrane permeability by IT for peptide drug development.
Drug discovery / medicine using the supercomputer "Tomitake" Digital transformation of medical treatment We show a high affinity for the target protein of the new coronavirus from about 2000 kinds of existing medicines by the division simulation (divisional dynamics calculation) using "Tomitake". We have been searching for candidates for therapeutic drugs. We have already succeeded in selecting dozens of drugs targeting the main protease, and evaluation experiments and clinical studies are underway. At present, "Tomitake" is used for therapeutic drug search, but in the future, it will be expanded to other drug development processes and medical applications to promote drug discovery and medical digital transformation centered on "Tomitake".
Development of non-amplified, highly sensitive, rapid diagnostic technology for nucleic acids such as the new coronavirus This is an innovative technology that non-amplifies and rapidly detects viral RNA and antigens derived from the new coronavirus. So far, we have succeeded in detecting viral RNA within just 5 minutes, and in the future, it is the best platform for rapid analysis of a large number of samples in infectious disease diagnosis.
It is strongly expected to become a form.
○ Based on the status of infection with the new corona infection, the health care needs in the living space are increasing due to the normalization of home work, home delivery, and the penetration of individual meal services. We will implement the mechanism of scale, meal management, exercise bike, sleep measurement, and blood glucose meter at a semi-automatic level, and give feedback to residents through a smart mirror) in the near future.
○ In the future, we plan to casually detect changes in physical condition due to coronavirus with mirrors, furniture, wearable sensors, etc., examine the onset prediction by deep learning, and commercialize it by 2021 based on the feedback of the demonstration test. ..
Technology that detects, visualizes, and warns the density of athletes in real time ・ Sports such as tennis and soccer from video images with 3 dense avoidance that warns when there are multiple people within 2 m for 5 seconds or more Social distance judgment technology for enjoying
-Capture the camera image to the PC and judge the 3 density in real time. Can be provided as software. If necessary, it can be converted to a smartphone app, etc.
・ If you have a camera and a PC, you can easily use it at ordinary tennis courts, etc.
Severity analysis algorithm by AI analysis in mental health care Centralized entrance so that not only medical professionals but also stressed citizens at home, school, workplace, etc. can easily access anytime, anywhere. Develop a severity analysis algorithm by AI analysis using screening data in order to receive appropriate measures according to the severity.
COVID-19 and the associated social changes have affected the collection of longitudinal self-assessment data for psychiatric patients. We have developed an objective biometric data collection system using wearable devices, extracted objective data such as sleep quality, amount of exercise, and stress level from biometric information such as sleep, body movement, and heart rate fluctuation, and used the registry. Develop a system that works with the integrated database. Objective biometric data collection system using wearable devices for mental illness
Simple and quick PCR test total system for simultaneous detection of influenza and new corona virus from saliva By developing a saliva collection container equipped with a virus inactivation function, it is possible to easily collect saliva samples and transport them in simple packaging. , A simple and quick total PCR test system for simultaneous detection of influenza and new coronavirus from saliva has been constructed by combining with the "direct method" that does not require the extraction and purification process of viral RNA. Consultation assistance system for new coronavirus infections using artificial intelligence avatars With the sharp increase in the number of people infected with new coronavirus, consultation centers and community medicine are becoming tight. We will develop a system that can use AI to advise and record future measures based on the symptoms before the consultation so that smooth consultation and the construction of a system that prevents infected people from being inadvertently consulted are possible.
・ Building a data linkage platform that contributes to the development of therapeutic drugs and vaccines
Construction of Incilico Screening Support System Utilizing AI Realization of highly accurate and rapid drug candidate search research (candidate compound optimization) in order to quickly search for a wide range of therapeutic drugs, not limited to existing drugs, for new coronavirus therapeutic drugs, etc. Aiming to build an incilico screening support system that utilizes AI. In addition to the conventional "quantitative structure-activity relationship", AI will be developed and used for the work of preparing the structure as a drug such as new skeletal design and conversion to shorten the period and improve the accuracy.
A research institution that provides medical big data consisting of clinical information (medical information, image information, etc.) of patients with new coronavirus infection in Japan and analysis information (gene / genome / immune cell / antibody data, etc.) of patient specimens linked to it. , Medical institutions, private companies, etc. to build a data linkage platform that stores data in a usable form.
-Through this initiative, we will accelerate research and development of therapeutic agents and vaccines at once, aiming for early termination of new coronavirus infections and minimization of economic loss.
* Attachments that show the image of the technology
Overall optimal crowd guidance control technology [Technology overview]
・ Crowd guidance / control technology (development of human-flow platform technology that presents pre-read forecasts in cyberspace as realistic control information without relying on “intuition, tips, and experience”)

[Effect of utilizing technology]
・ Through the establishment of the world's first technology for predicting and guiding people's flow, alleviating the crowded situation that changes in various places and opportunities, various people and their actions, securing social distance, avoiding emergency crisis As a result, it is possible to prevent infectious diseases such as corona.
Robot system… RT-Robot… Technolog Aiming to develop a robot experiment center / laboratory in life science experiments, we are developing a common language for experiment protocols. The spread of this protocol has realized the provision of highly reliable and reproducible experimental results and the construction of a remote automation experiment system while eliminating the risk of infection.
・ In this project, we will establish a prototyping lab at the Robot Experiment Center, develop a network system that links different types of robots and experimental equipment with each other, and a common description language for experimental protocols, as well as genome editing, omics analysis, and regenerative medicine. Beginning with demonstrations of robot experiments in various fields.

BIM / CIM (Building / Construction Information Modeling, Management) is a computer
In addition to the 3D shape information (3D model) created above, the structure and the members that make up the structure
Name, shape, dimensions, physical properties and physical property values ​​(strength, etc.), quantity, and other information that can be given (genus)
Information model related to structures that has both sexual information) and supporting materials (reference materials)
Building (BIM / CIM model) and (Building / Construction Information Modeling), and
Managing and utilizing the information contained in the constructed BIM / CIM model (Building / Construction)
Information Management) is the i-Construction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which aims to improve the sophistication and efficiency of construction by utilizing ICT such as CIM, i-Construction, AI, IoT, and big data.
Efforts have already begun as part of the earthwork. Utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) in the civil engineering field
Is also attracting attention
Regenerative Molecular Medicine Molecular Cell Pathology Functional Image Artificial Intelligence Dementia Preemptive Medicine Area Future Medicine Orthopedic Medicine Pre-illness Longevity Medicine System Metabolism Advanced Motor Medicine Area Respiratory Symptoms Clinical Research Development Complementary Alternative Medicine Symbiotic Microbiology Circulation Prevention Among medical cardiovascular diseases, especially lipid metabolism
Aiming to elucidate the pathophysiology of arteriosclerosis and develop new treatments
I am conducting research. One of the features of the laboratory is comprehensive inheritance
Relationship between rare gene mutations and disease onset / progression using child analysis
There is a point that we are investigating. By comprehensive gene analysis
Research because it is possible to analyze gene mutations efficiently without prejudice
In the room, we use this method as much as possible for analysis. main
The research topics are as follows, but research that is always rooted in clinical practice
I am trying to practice.
• Dyslipidemia using next-generation sequencer
Today, it has become a super-aging society and a highly stressed society.
Dementia including Ruthheimer's disease and including children as well as adults
Various diseases related to higher brain functions such as mental illness are increasing
I am adding. Tracer In the field of information analysis, it happens during a person's life
Alzheimer's disease and pervasive developmental disorder (Autism Spec)
Tram, etc.), mental function that is likely to be related to stress
Higher brain dysfunction such as diseases (depression, panic disorder, PTSD, etc.)
To visualize changes in neural function based on the mechanism of the disease
From these early diagnosis methods and severity diagnosis, and treatment effect judgment
We are conducting research aimed at establishing a standard method.
1) Changes in cranial nerve function aimed at early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Visualization research
The cholinergic nervous system is deeply related to memory, memory, learning, etc.
Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, with significant changes
Nervous system with morphology, especially in the presynaptic region
Choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) and choline
Lanceporter (ChT) and Acetylcholine Transport
Tar (VAChT) changes from early on in Alzheimer's disease
It is said to be the part to be used. Specific binding to these sites
Short-lived single photon nuclides (123I, 99mTc) and positives
Opened a molecular imaging agent labeled with Ron nuclide (11C, 18F)
Early diagnosis and severity diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Aims to establish a method for determining the therapeutic effect.
2) A brain god aiming for objective and early diagnosis of the autism spectrum
Visualization study of changes in transfunction
"Children's learning," which is a serious problem in modern society
"Social and behavioral disorders" are regarded as dysfunctions of the brain in which the mind resides.
Gene modification for the purpose of elucidating the mechanism
Neurochemical changes in the cranial nerve transmission system using strange mice
I'm investigating. In particular, the oxytocin receptor and serotonin
Investigate neurochemical changes in various neurotransmitter systems such as the nervous system
Develop a radioactive molecular probe to change the changes peculiar to autism
We will develop a method that can be visually grasped and easily diagnosed at an early stage.
I am aiming for that. In addition, depression and panic disorder, etc.
We are also conducting research on.
3) Cranial nerve dysfunction aimed at objective diagnosis of stress-related diseases
Visualization research
The sigma receptor discovered in the 1990s is memory / learning
Not only deeply related to stress, but also anxiolytic effect,
It is said to have stress-relieving and neuroprotective effects.
We found a compound with a high affinity for the sigma receptor
did. Therefore, these were labeled with clinical nuclides and stressed.
Changes in sigma receptors when administered to model animals
Investigate the relationship between stress and stress, investigate the cause of stress, and treat it
Aiming to develop.
Pharmacokinetics Safety Studies Obstetrics and Gynecology Pediatrics Genetically Modified Animal Science Maxillofacial Oral Surgery Brain / Spinal Function Control Science Anesthesia / Intensive Care Medicine Otorhinolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery Ophthalmology Urology Multidisciplinary Therapeutics Rehabilitation Medicine, etc. Hmm, dementia vs.
It is important to collect large-scale data and perform big data analysis for coronavirus countermeasures, and individuals with underlying diseases regarding the severity of coronavirus, the acquisition of immunity due to infection, and the efficacy of antiviral drugs. Promote research and development of "DeepProtect," a technology that applies deep learning to medical data while concealing personal privacy information, such as analysis of differences.
Once eavesdropped, medical data, including genomic information, can pose a serious risk for very long-term generations. In order to safely store and operate such data for an ultra-long period of time, we constructed an ultra-highly confidential data storage network that combines quantum key distribution (QKD) technology and secret sharing storage technology, and conducted demonstration experiments using electronic medical records, etc. doing.

"Ultra-sensitive antigen test method" to detect new coronavirus The research team By applying the unique and superior ultra-sensitive quantitative measurement method for trace proteins developed so far, virus can be detected simply by measuring the absorption change of light of a specific wavelength using a microplate reader. Developed a new inspection method.
Currently, PCR tests for the purpose of identifying genes have been widely introduced as a test method for new coronavirus infections, but this test method has a high degree of expertise and it takes a long time to obtain results. There are problems such as false negatives. On the other hand, conventional antigen tests used for investigating the morbidity of influenza and the like have been pointed out that the detection sensitivity is insufficient and that it is not possible to distinguish between the new type and the conventional coronavirus, and the conventional antigen test has hardly become widespread.
The new test method developed by the research team greatly improves the problems of conventional antigen tests and enables virus detection quickly, inexpensively, easily and with high probability. It has a great impact on public health in that it can be inspected even in general clinics. In the future, the research team will promptly carry out measurements on actual patient samples, aiming to detect the virus in about 30 minutes.
New vaccine formulation applying Treg attenuater
For viruses that cause mucosal infections such as the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the production of IgA secreted into the mucosa as well as blood immunoglobulin G (IgG) is important for biological defense. It is also necessary to enhance cell-mediated immunity that destroys virus-infected cells. Therefore, what is expected of the COVID-19 virus vaccine is the production of IgG and IgA type antibodies having high affinity and neutralizing activity for the virus, and the induction of cytotoxic T cells against the virus. However, current vaccines Adjuvant, most of which use aluminum salts to enhance antibody production, are inadequate to induce such effects. Regulatory T cells (hereinafter abbreviated as Treg) are a T cell population specialized in immunosuppressive ability and suppressively control antibody production. Our CTO, Sakaguchi's research group, recently showed that removal of Tregs effectively enhances antibody production and promotes class switching (IgM to IgG, IgA conversion) (Wing et. al., Immunity, 2014; Wing et al., PNAS 2017). Furthermore, Sakaguchi et al. Showed the possibility that Tregs can be removed and cancer immunity can be enhanced by small molecule preparations (Tanaka et al., JEM 2020). We are advancing research and development of such Treg attenuaters with the aim of immunotherapy for cancer. Based on the above results, in this project, by mixing a Treg-attenuating low-molecular-weight preparation with an adjuvant at the time of vaccination, helper T cell activation at the vaccination site and associated antiviral antibody (particularly high-affinity IgG) , IgA) production and the possibility of inducing and enhancing cell-mediated immunity

Materials development by robotics By automating material development by robotics and expanding the material search space by artificial intelligence, we will promote high throughput of new material development and build a search platform system that enables new material discovery.
-Data-driven R & D incorporating robotics promotes automation and remoteization for avoiding three-cs, and contributes to strengthening Japan's material innovation capabilities.
Advanced biopharmaceutical basic technology development business
Next-generation cancer medical creation research business
Life science research support infrastructure business such as drug discovery
Drug discovery basic technology development business for the realization of next-generation treatment and diagnosis
Drug discovery support promotion business
Regenerative medicine clinical research promotion infrastructure development project
Basic technology development business for industrialization of regenerative medicine and gene therapy
8K high-definition video data utilization research project
Advanced Telemedicine Network Research Project
Business such as next-generation medical device cooperation base maintenance
Advanced medical device / system technology development business
Medical-engineering collaboration innovation promotion business
Robot long-term care equipment development and standardization business (Robot long-term care equipment development and standardization business)
Genome medical realization promotion platform business
Tohoku Medical Megabank Plan
Genome Research Biobank Business
National BioResource Project
Dementia-friendly AI / IoT system research promotion project
Emerging and re-emerging infectious disease research infrastructure creation business
Elucidation and control project of aging mechanism
Translational Research Strategic Promotion Program
Clinical R & D promotion project (comprehensive promotion project for practical application of medical technology)
Biostatistician human resources development support project
Central IRB promotion business
Dementia Countermeasures Public-Private Innovation Demonstration Infrastructure Development Project
International Science and Technology Joint Research and Development Promotion Project (Interstellar Initiative)
Research integrity advancement model development support project
Program development project for training leaders to improve the quality of research data
Medical R & D Innovation Infrastructure Creation Project (CiCLE)
Advanced medical device / system technology development business (health / medical information utilization technology development issues)
Public-private researcher discovery support project
Infectious disease control technology development business such as viruses
Drug Discovery Infrastructure Promotion Research Project
Innovative Cancer Medical Practical Research Project
Comprehensive research project such as overcoming growth diseases
Clinical research / clinical trial promotion research project
Pharmaceutical regulation harmonization / evaluation research project
Research project to promote the development of innovative drugs for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
Intractable disease practical application research project
Regenerative medicine practical application research business
Medical device development promotion research business
Practical research project for medical technology in developing and emerging countries
Genome drug discovery infrastructure promotion research project
Medical quality improvement and scientific basis collection research project related to "integrative medicine"
Medical Arts Research Project
ARO function promotion business
Kidney disease practical application research project
Immune allergic disease practical application research project
Practical research project to overcome hepatitis, etc.
Practical research project for measures against lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Clinical genome information integrated database maintenance business
Clinical research, etc. ICT infrastructure construction / artificial intelligence implementation research business
Dementia R & D Business
Comprehensive R & D project for persons with disabilities
Comprehensive support for women's health Practical application research project
Transplant medical technology development research business
Longevity science research and development business
AIDS Countermeasure Practical Research Project
Chronic pain elucidation research project
Innovative Medical Seeds Practical Research Project
Research project to promote the solution of global health issues
Innovative advanced R & D support project
Medical field research result development business Advanced measurement analysis technology / equipment development program
Medical field research result development business Industry-academia collaborative medical innovation creation program
Medical field research result development project (A-STEP)
Medical field research result development business Strategic innovation creation promotion program
Medical field International science and technology joint research and development promotion project
International Science and Technology Cooperation Program for Global Issues
Strategic International Collaborative Research Program
International Collaborative Research Program for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) Control in Africa
Regenerative medicine realization base network program
Brain Science Research Strategy Promotion Program
Project to elucidate the whole picture of brain function network by innovative technology
Strategic International Brain Science Research Promotion Program
6. National issue-based R & D promotion project
List of competitive research funds
1. 1. Medical R & D promotion project cost subsidy
3. 3. Strategic Creative Research Promotion Project
4. Research result development business
5. International Science and Technology Joint Research Promotion Project
(Reiwa 2nd year edition)
Subsidy business Subsidy rate
1. 1. Life science research support infrastructure business such as drug discovery fixed amount
2. 2. Translational Research Strategic Promotion Program Flat-rate
3. 3. Genome Medical Realization Biobank Utilization Program (Tohoku Medical Megabank Plan) Fixed amount
4. Genome Medical Realization Biobank Utilization Program (Genome Research Biobank) Fixed amount
5. Genome medical realization biobank utilization program (improvement of infrastructure for large-scale genome analysis) Fixed amount
6. Emerging / re-emerging infectious disease research infrastructure creation project (BSL4 base formation research) Fixed amount
7. Medical technology practical application comprehensive promotion business fixed amount
8. Robot nursing care equipment development promotion business 1/3, 2/3
9. Next-generation medical device cooperation base maintenance business fixed amount
10. Drug discovery support promotion business (Practical application support business before designation of orphan drugs) Fixed amount
11. Medical-engineering collaboration innovation promotion business 2/3
12. Drug discovery support promotion project (Drug discovery seeds practical application support infrastructure development project) Fixed amount
13. Basic technology development project for industrialization of regenerative medicine and gene therapy (support for accelerating the development of regenerative medicine seeds) 2/3
14. Advanced R & D and development system resilience business for medical devices, etc. 2/3
15. Public-private young researcher excavation support project fixed amount
16. Clinical research / clinical trial promotion research project (clinical research / clinical trial network construction project in Asia) Fixed amount
17. Basic technology development business for industrialization of regenerative medicine / gene therapy (regeneration / cell medicine / gene therapy industrialization promotion business) 2 /

2. 2. Health and hygiene medical survey promotion project cost subsidy

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