(1) Utilizing the technology and know-how built up at Cambridge University, MIT University oxford University, Harvard University, University of Tokyo, Osaka University, etc., using the original strain that has been passed down and bred for over 100 years, for medical use Produces protein with high yield and highest quality. Works with many companies and researchers to produce refractory proteins for use in medicines that are important to modern medicine. In addition, by developing poorly expressed proteins, we will challenge vaccines against unknown viruses that will be encountered in the future. We aim to develop and innovate life science and healthcare by fusing cutting-edge technologies such as optics, information science, and biotechnology. We aim to realize new drug discovery screening, cell therapy and medical diagnosis by machine learning-driven high-content cell optical measurement and real-time image-based cell sorting technology. With the development of advanced technology and the accelerating progress of precision and individualization of medical care, it is required to put into practical use tests and diagnostic technologies with high clinical value so that they can contribute to the provision of more accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment. I am. In addition, digitalization efforts in the medical field, such as online medical care, image diagnosis using AI, and automation of examinations using robots, are progressing rapidly. So far, we have been acquiring technology to analyze cells, genes, and proteins with high accuracy and sensitivity. Among these, the cell analysis platform has already been applied to various Sysmex products, but in addition to the conventional high-speed cell classification, high-precision cell classification using various information such as the function and reactivity of cells is performed. We are developing technology to achieve both. We possess "ghost cytometry technology" * 1 that enables simple and high-speed acquisition of detailed cell morphology information. The amount of information obtained by this technology is much larger than that of conventional flow cytometry tests, and as a result, it is possible to obtain more accurate cell morphology information. If this technology can capture the detailed characteristics and functions of each cell in addition to the number and morphology of the cells, it is very effective in grasping the pathological condition using a sample such as blood. It can be expected to contribute not only to improving the accuracy of general diagnosis but also to personalized medicine. As the feasibility of diagnostic technology with high clinical value utilizing "ghost cytometry technology" has increased, blood etc. will be used to promote joint development of new AI-based cell analysis technology ahead of the rest of the world. In the cell analysis (including research use) in the in-vitro diagnostic area used, we will carry out joint development for the practical application of cell analyzers and testing methods that utilize "ghost cytometry technology". We aim to contribute to the development and evolution of medical care in the world by developing new cell analysis technology and testing methods by integrating our unique knowledge and technology and our unique technology "ghost cytometry technology". Design the evolution of health care. Is our mission, and we are contributing to the development of medical care and the healthy lives of people. We consistently carry out R & D, manufacturing, sales, service & support of equipment, reagents and software necessary for sample testing to collect and examine blood and urine, and deliver products to medical institutions in more than 190 countries and regions. We are delivering. In recent years, we have expanded our business to the life science field, creating new testing and diagnostic value using our unique technology, and contributing to the realization of optimal medical care for each individual, the reduction of the burden on patients, and the improvement of QOL. I am aiming to do it. Based on the "ghost cytometry technology" that was born, we are a venture company that aims to develop and innovate life science and medical care. By using this basic technology, we aim to realize new regenerative / cell medicine, drug discovery, and medical test diagnosis, and contribute to innovative treatment and diagnosis. Research and development of drug discovery / diagnosis platform by image recognition type high-speed cell sorting technology utilizing AI
* 1 Ghost cytometry technology:
A new method of flow cytometry that enables high-speed, high-precision analysis and discrimination of cells of similar size with small differences in morphology. Cell morphology information measured as an optical compression signal is directly analyzed and discriminated in real time without imaging using machine learning. A technology that enables selective and high-speed separation of target cells in a flow path by combining with fluid technology.
② <High-speed, high-precision cell analysis / discrimination / separation (image) by ghost cytometry>
The company is creating the basic concepts and technologies of biotechnology, medicine, mathematical information computing science, and engineering necessary for this realization. Research and development, manufacturing, sales, and measurement consulting for shape / deformation / strain distribution measurement equipment. Using moiré fringe analysis technology, we perform infrastructure measurement, electronic component measurement, vibration measurement, board measurement, etc. We are aiming to realize cell therapy that suppresses autoimmune diseases and rejection during transplantation using immunosuppressive cells called regulatory T cells (Tregs). Our unique Treg cell product "ULTRA-iTreg" is a technology for producing a large amount of stable Tregs, and we are developing it to contribute to the fundamental treatment of inflammatory diseases. We will establish a technology to use T cells as a drug and provide cancer immunotherapy that can be used "for anyone" and "immediately". We have the technology to regenerate T cells from pluripotent stem cells such as iPS cells and ES cells. Using this method, we are developing a strategy to mass-produce killer T cells that can kill cancer and use them to treat cancer. We will promote the practical development of cell medicine using iPS cell-derived nephron progenitor cells as an active ingredient, and aim to obtain approval for regenerative medicine products for the indication of chronic kidney disease (CKD). By delaying the decline in renal function of patients, it is expected that the transition to artificial dialysis will be suppressed and the QOL will be improved.
(3) We are developing a blood glucose monitoring system for home use. We aim to provide the world's first micro / non-invasive glycemic monitoring system for people with diabetes / preliminary group to make glycemic control more accessible. Established technology for inducing iPS cells to differentiate into nephron progenitor cells with high efficiency, expansion culture technology, etc.
④ For corneal endothelial disease in the field of ophthalmology 1) Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy (FECD) instillation therapeutic agent 2) Research, development and commercialization of two pipelines of products such as regenerative medicine for corneal endothelium treatment To make it.

(5) Based on the two technologies of original genome (DNA) editing and the world's first RNA editing using PPR protein, our business is to contribute to the development of the world bio industry. The strength of our basic technology lies in the ability to theoretically design protein molecules that bind to the desired DNA or RNA sequence, and by creating applications that can control genes and gene expression at various stages, medical care and agriculture. , Expected to expand into various industries such as material production. Craif has developed a device that efficiently captures exosomes from body fluids using zinc oxide nanowires, and has the technology to extract miRNA with high efficiency. We have found that cancer can be detected with high accuracy by measuring the expression pattern of urinary miRNA in cancer patients using this technology and analyzing it by machine learning. To put this into practical use, we are developing a test that can detect more than 10 types of cancer from just one drop of urine with high accuracy and early detection, which is unprecedented in the world. It is a peptide that has been reported to have a remarkable healing (regeneration) effect on the intestinal mucosa on intractable inflammatory bowel disease. Based on this research, the company is aiming to eliminate unmet medical needs by developing new drugs with a completely different approach from existing drugs.
(5) Aiming to develop and commercialize a breast diagnostic imaging device that uses ultrasound The device under development is an existing device that automatically captures a three-dimensional image of the entire breast using ultrasound without compressing the breast. Compared to breast diagnostic imaging equipment, there is no risk of pain or exposure, and it is possible to acquire highly reproducible data. By realizing women-friendly tests, we aim to contribute to improving the breast cancer screening rate and early detection. Breast cancer, which affects one in nine women Breast cancer is increasing year by year in both the number of affected and the number of deaths. Currently, the number of affected people is about 96,000 and the number of deaths is about 15,000.
* 1 From the National Cancer Center Cancer Control Information Center "Cancer Information Service"
* 2 From the vital statistics of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Peak morbidity is in the 40s
Breast cancer has a peak prevalence in the late 40s.
Breast cancer is also the leading cause of cancer death in this generation.
High survival rate with early detection and treatment
Breast cancer is a cancer with a high survival rate if it is detected early and treated early.
However, if detection and treatment are delayed and metastases to major organs, the survival rate will decrease.
* 3 From the Japanese Breast Cancer Society "National Breast Cancer Patient Registration Survey Report No. 29"
What you can do for early detection of breast cancer
53% of Breast Cancer Detections Are Self-Discovery
There is data that more than half of breast cancer detections are self-aware. *Four
There is a lump inside the breast, there is a twitch or color change on the skin, there is some secretion from the nipple.
It is effective for early detection of breast cancer to be aware of small changes by making a habit of self-checking on a daily basis.
* 4 National Breast Cancer Patient Registration Survey Report 2016 Cases
It is important to have a breast cancer screening that suits you
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has established a guideline that "women aged 40 and over should be interviewed and have a mammography examination once every two years."
Mammography can detect small calcified tumors that are not noticeable to the touch and is useful for early detection of breast cancer.
However, on the other hand, women with a high proportion of well-developed mammary glands (statistics show that it is more common among young women and especially among Asians, and about 80% of Asian women under the age of 50 have a high proportion of breasts. There is also data called "breast (dense breast)" * 5), which has the disadvantage that it is difficult to distinguish breast cancer because the mammary glands and tumors appear white.
Unfortunately, many Japanese women are relatively young and suffer from breast cancer.
If you are young or your doctor has pointed out that your breast ratio is high, you should consult with your doctor about a combination of echo (ultrasound) tests that are not affected by your breast ratio. In addition, since the current general echo examination requires a high level of skill for the surgeon, it is recommended to select a medical institution specializing in mammary glands that has a skilled specialist.
* 5 From Annals of Internal Medicine, 2008 Mar 4; 148 (5): 337–347.
Aiming to develop women-friendly devices
-Development of diagnostic imaging equipment for breasts using ultrasound-
The ring echo to be developed is an innovative breast diagnostic imaging device that uses an ultrasonic transducer based on medical ultrasonic technology.
We are proceeding with development with the cooperation of academic institutions and medical institutions such as the University of Tokyo.
* Technology that enables uniform and high-resolution imaging by arranging ultrasonic transducers in a ring shape
Aiming for Breast Cancer Examination We aim to realize a female-friendly ultrasonic diagnostic imaging device for breasts. Just put your breasts in the holes in the bed ...
• You can have your breasts examined without anyone seeing or touching them
• Since it is an ultrasound, there is no need to worry about exposure, and it is suitable for examinations for people with high mammary gland density.
• No compression, so you can get a 3D image of the entire breast that is close to its natural shape
• Improve the accuracy of diagnosis with technology that supports diagnosis
Image of use
When the examinee lies prone and inserts the breast into the hole in the bed, the annular ultrasonic transducer moves up and down to image the inside of the breast.
Since the vibrator does not touch the body, the examinee does not feel any pain during shooting.
In addition, since the image is taken with the breast hanging down, highly reproducible photography is possible.

⑥ Both our 1-channel electroencephalograph sleep scope and sleep analysis program SEAS-G @ Cloud have received regulatory certification, and their safety and performance have been trusted by clinicians and researchers, and numerous papers have been reported. There is. Similar to the conventional sleep test, it is a system based on the world standard brain wave, but the idea of ​​development is completely different. User-friendly electroencephalograph
Has made it possible to measure at home and collected a lot of data by making it easy to measure, and developed a data-driven analysis system. We will expand the challenge of contributing to society from Japan to the world through the provision of a scientific sleep evaluation system.
⑦ Utilizing our unique basic technology of creating three-dimensional tissues / organs only from cells, we can regenerate tissues / organs that have become dysfunctional due to illness or injury, and be satisfied with conventional surgery and treatment methods. It is a regenerative medicine venture that aims to contribute to many patients by responding to unmet needs that have not existed.
Cyfuse is working on the practical application of breakthrough cell products in the field of regenerative medicine and cell medicine using bio 3D printers.

⑧ We have both synthesis technology and analysis technology for sugar chain related substances, and we also have a wide range of biochemical experiment technology. While aiming for drug discovery with glycopeptides and anti-glycopeptide antibodies, making full use of four core technologies: 1) GlycoBlotting method, 2) glycopeptide synthesis, 3) fine particle preparation technology, and 4) glycopeptide array, regarding sugar chains We can meet all your needs. By providing the standard of sugar chain science, we will contribute to the development of life science and aim to contribute to the healthy life of people. Advanced measurement and analysis technology equipment development business

⑨ Development of focused ultrasonic therapy device (treatment device) With the vision of "bringing a new future to cancer patients with acoustic engineering (ultrasonic)", "cancer", especially "pancreatic cancer" which is an intractable cancer We are developing for the target. The developed genome analysis technology is the only single-cell genome analysis technology for microorganisms in the world. This technology has made it possible to decipher the genomic information of microorganisms that live in all environments on the earth from a single cell with high accuracy. With this technology, it is possible to acquire unknown microbial genome information at high speed and comprehensively without the need for complicated isolation / culture required in conventional microbiome research or calculation processing of complicated sequence data. have become. We provide this technology as a next-generation microbiota analysis service, and realize our mission "Unlock the Potential of Microbes" through collaboration with all microbial-related companies and academia, mainly in the medical and agricultural fields. , We will provide unprecedented value to society.
⑩ In the main pharmaceutical field, we are conducting research and development of skin ulcer therapeutic agents and antibody-inducing peptides. The skin ulcer therapeutic agent is expected to be a unique wound therapeutic agent having both antibacterial activity and wound healing promoting effect. In addition, antibody-induced peptides have low manufacturing costs, become inexpensive alternatives to antibody drugs, and utilize cutting-edge technology based on robotics engineering research to solve the problems of conventional artificial limbs and realize natural movements. Produces a compact and lightweight high-performance artificial limb.
⑪ The purpose is to provide safe and secure food materials derived from natural products, functional ingredients such as foods and cosmetics, food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, biofuels, etc. that meet customer needs by utilizing microalgae. ..

⑫ We develop, manufacture and sell next-generation organic EL materials used for organic EL displays and lighting. Based on the technology licensed from Kyushu University and Harvard University, we are working on the development of Hyperfluorescence / TADF light emission technology that realizes all of the long-life, high-purity color development and high-efficiency light emission with excellent cost performance without relying on rare metals. Aiming to commercialize the world's first Hyperfluorescence technology
⑬ We are developing smart apparel (clothing type wearable devices) globally. Currently, he is developing products and services that provide fun and convenience in daily life, such as watching over babies, comfortable sleep solutions, and fitness. In the future, by analyzing and utilizing the biometric data collected from these services, we aim to develop services that are more valuable to users and apply them to preventive medicine such as prediction of myocardial infarction to realize a safe and secure society. .. We started a business in the development, manufacture and sale of low-temperature sintered silver nanoparticle ink for printed electronics, and based on that technology, we will actively work on the development of sensor devices manufactured by printing. So far, we have commercialized a film-type high-sensitivity bed sensor that can "subtly" monitor the heartbeat, respiration, and sleep depth of a sleeping person.
Currently, we are promoting demonstrations and development of applications in the field of nursing care and medical care toward the commercialization of this bed sensor. A research and development venture company that creates elemental technologies for "Virtual Live Clinic". It is a business platform where people all over the world can enjoy and practice optimal health promotion and disease prevention / treatment for individuals "anytime", "anywhere", and "everyone".
⑭ Operation of robot facility for life science experiment work
Development, sales and maintenance of robots and robot peripherals
Data and Intellectual Property Management and Utilization of Life Science Experiments Life science experiments rely on tacit knowledge based on the skills and accumulated knowledge of skilled researchers. This situation causes blurring of the experimental results of each experimenter and difficulty in handing over the technique, which hinders the realization of reproducibility. You can set the experimental operation in millimeters or seconds. By creating a protocol that quantifies the skills and tacit knowledge of experienced researchers, it is possible to transfer "techniques" and turn them into general-purpose "techniques." Quantifying and universalizing techniques and knowledge will lead to innovation in society.
⑮ The current situation is that life science experiments rely on tacit knowledge based on the skills and accumulated knowledge of skilled researchers. This situation causes blurring of the experimental results of each experimenter and difficulty in handing over the technique, which hinders the realization of reproducibility. You can set the experimental operation in millimeters or seconds. By creating a protocol that quantifies the skills and tacit knowledge of experienced researchers, it is possible to transfer "techniques" and turn them into general-purpose "techniques." Quantifying and universalizing techniques and knowledge will lead to innovation in society.
⑯ Based on microsatellite technology, we have developed and operated five practical satellites, including the world's first commercial microsatellite. Axelspace's satellites are overwhelmingly cost-competitive worldwide due to the development of university-originated proprietary technology from scratch, and the satellites are created by the new era of orbital infrastructure created by microsatellite groups. Developing business utilizing image data 

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