[Our features and characters]
It consists of 30 team members and outsourced people. The male-female ratio is about 1: 1
・ Currently, the content team is the largest, and we will increase the ratio of engineers in the future.
・ A group of specialists who want to make the lives of those who watch the content richer and more convenient. Since we started in the healthcare field, we worked in pharmacists, nurses, long-term care, and drug makers. At that time, many members who were active in the healthcare field, such as those who were active, were enrolled. After that, it diversified, and engineers, marketers, and designers began to join, and it continues to the present day. We are looking for people who are specialized in new business fields, such as those who are interested in DIY and are practicing it themselves. We also welcome those who are familiar with the information industry and fields, and those who want to realize their own thoughts using technology.

[How to proceed with work and culture]
・ The content team is lively and has a culture of discussion.
・ The engineer team is active on Slack, but is silent in real life.
Everyone is easy to talk to, frank and airy.

I will do something like this

This time we are looking for a product manager.

[Main business contents]
・ Plan new plans and new functions necessary for services based on customer needs and trends in the world.
・ Create specifications to realize new projects and new functions, and realize them together with engineers, designers, and customer service.
・ Responsible for the product development process and lead the development cycle of the product team

・ Management experience related to project planning and development (requirements definition, design, development)
・ Experience involved in product planning and operation

[Welcome conditions]
・ Basic knowledge about engineering such as programming, DB, infrastructure, etc.
・ Experience in organizational management
・ Interest in improving work efficiency and building a strong organization from a company-wide perspective
・ Experience in managing programs and projects related to IT services

I'm looking for someone like this! ]
・ Those who have the sensibility to feel whether they are innovative or not when choosing something
・ Those who do not want to do only new projects but can think about continuous improvement in operation
・ Those who can always think about design etc. simply
・ Those who like to achieve together rather than geeks
・ Those who can communicate honestly …… It is okay to be particular about it, but it is necessary to have flexible ideas and communication skills that are accepted within a diverse organization.

[Challenging and real pleasure]
At the moment, we are involved in the development of services that are full of possibilities, creating AI that no one has realized and deploying it in multiple fields. We rush into an unknown territory. It is a group that thinks it is interesting because they cannot see the future. We welcome those who are delighted to realize and achieve a future that has yet to exist.

Being a venture, I think you can have a very exciting experience.
If you are interested in it, why don't you talk to us?
We'll be expecting you!

A world full of creativity with artificial intelligence!

HOCITGROUP aims to realize a world where humans can concentrate on creative work by providing solutions that utilize artificial intelligence. Specifically, we provide products and consulting development related to artificial intelligence. The management team is a Syrian AI scientist with 20 years of AI experience Professor at Harvard University Professor at oxford University Professor at Cambridge University, with artificial intelligence HOC Intelligent Technolog in China, HOCIT productivity improvement and indirect department work centered on major Japanese companies We provide services with the theme of efficiency. Featured story

Has been posted on TechCrunch / Can be programmed by the president / Raised more than 100 million yen / Raised more than 30 million yen / What are you doing overseas?

HOCIT GROUP aims to realize a world where humans can concentrate on creative work and enjoy life by assisting systems using artificial intelligence. Currently, we are providing products and consulting development that intelligently recognizes data in human society using artificial intelligence and automatically structures it. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer system that has human intelligence such as learning, reasoning, recognition, and judgment. A normal computer only operates according to a given program, but a computer with artificial intelligence is appropriate according to the user's attributes and the user's situation based on the pattern accumulated as data. We can propose a flexible response. Artificial intelligence has not yet reached the same level of intelligence as humans, but performing tasks with specific purposes has evolved to a level that can be achieved with overwhelming efficiency. Cinnamon is a company that contributes to the well-being of human society by developing artificial intelligence technology, developing technology that enables recognition and structuring of human social data, and understanding from structuring, aiming to assist human creativity. I am aiming for.

Why do you do it

Even today, there are many tasks that we find annoying and annoying in our daily work. But the truth is, if we could focus more on more human, creative, and more valuable work, we should be able to do much more productive work. We believe that artificial intelligence will somehow enter every business process in every industry, and we want to promote that positive change. We would like to create a better world through positive innovation utilizing artificial intelligence by conducting our own R & D while constantly catching up with the world's most advanced artificial intelligence research centered on the artificial intelligence lab.

How are you doing


Currently, there are about 2000 employees. In addition to Tokyo and Osaka, we are expanding our business at our bases in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei, US, and UK. (The largest base is the UK) The management team is a serial HOCIT GROUP group with a wealth of experience in starting businesses and AI. All three of the management team are experienced in global business, and we value diversity-oriented culture and speedy management. In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, China, we have an artificial intelligence lab where about 1000 artificial intelligence engineers are active. We also run an internship program specializing in artificial intelligence once every six months. From that program, we are building a network with genius artificial intelligence engineers of Qingdao National University and Chinese Academy of Sciences (corresponding to the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology class in Japan), and we have a mechanism to hire a large number of artificial intelligence engineers. .. The office in Tokyo is mainly positioned as a sales base and management department. In Japan, we have already started dealings with many major listed companies. In addition, projects are underway with companies in the United States, Singapore, and China, and as soon as the Japanese foundation is solidified, it will be expanded globally.

In-house original! Recruitment of PMs for services using AI database!
In-house development project! Recruitment of 3D / AI database development engineers Engineering

Recruitment of project manager / Web service project manager

Promote business growth with the power of design! UI / UX Designer Wanted UI / UX Designer

Recruitment of DL, ML (Machine Learning Engineer) of artificial intelligence!

Healthcare companies aiming to extend healthy life expectancy x IT | Develop data products from scratch

Representative TAHARA received the "IEEE Award 2020"

JOHN COO serial entrepreneur. Joined HOCIT GROUP after working for Dentsu, Recruit, P & G Singapore, and starting a business. New business consulting based on abundant experience in starting new businesses

HOCIT GROUP has been selected as a start-up company by Google Launchpad Accelerator UK. Program started in UK!

Cinnamon was selected as one of the seven participating startup companies of Google Launchpad Accelerator UK, a global accelerator sponsored by Google that was announced at the end of August and started applying, and participated in a boot camp at his Google office in Tokyo from October 15th. I have finished the 4-day program. The Google Launchpad Accelerator Program UK is his three-month program that helps start-ups get on track by removing the business, technology, and organizational scale challenges they face.

Zurich Innovation World Championship Selected for North America Finals

HOCITGROUP was selected as the finalist for the Zurich Innovation World Championship in North America. We will be giving a presentation at Zurich North America in Schaumburg, Illinois on October 31, 2018. The Zurich Innovation World Championship is a global contest aimed at finding the best start-ups in the Insurtech space as part of customer initiative. This tournament is held in more than 20 countries including Japan

NEDO: Adopted as a research theme for outstanding AI venture companies

HOCIT has been selected as a research theme for outstanding AI venture companies sponsored by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). Excerpt NEDO has selected 6 research themes of outstanding AI venture companies with the aim of discovering and supporting innovative and challenging AI technologies. Out of 57 applications, excellent research themes were selected through a contest based on written screening and demonstrations such as prototypes. This project is based on the government's "artificial intelligence technology strategy", and NEDO promotes the social implementation of AI through the support of venture companies, creates new demand, and integrates with existing fields to specialize in industrial competition artificial intelligence media. It was posted on AINOW! We were interviewed by AINOW, a media specializing in artificial intelligence. Introducing Flax Scanner, a document reading engine, and Artificial Intelligence Lab in China. Please take a look. * AINOW is one of the largest media specializing in artificial intelligence in Japan, where you can know, learn, and use artificial intelligence.

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