The next-generation Web3 platform for aspiring and up-and-coming athletes driven by blockchain and AI to deliver state-of-the-art social finance based on content data and engagement.



The app that rewards your videos, views and standings.  Enables athletes to receive token back rewards for their most noticeable game, event or practice session videos published . No matter the skill level. Each registered athlete on sportyn whose videos trigger high-valued views and ratings by the global sports community will be rewarded with STYN crypto tokens to their digital wallet. Token back rewards apply repeatedly for every captivating content you publish.


Transform your daily training and workouts into tradable earnings. App enables all athletes to receive token back rewards for tracking their training sessions via mobile devices and accessories. In any sport. Each registered athlete will be rewarded with native crypto tokens STYN for a completed practice session performance, validated by the app. For every STYN that you earn, you can use it to unlock platform's premium features and purchase our partners' and sponsors' heavily discounted goods and services to be used to improve your athletic development.


Unique blockchain-based fundraise platform is designed especially for athletes seeking much needed financial funding and endorsement required to reach athletic achievements. The platform will offer each verified athlete  The ability to unlock their own individual athlete-development funding program enabling anyone to support/fund their favorite athletes easily and securely.


The fastest way for any athlete to be seen by authorized sports recruiters. Scouts, agents, coaches, colleges and clubs use app to perform efficient searches, discover and contact talented athletes in any sport, regardless of their age, gender or physical location.  App quickly and efficiently discovers both skilled players and raw talent, tracks athletes’ growth rates, promotes talented athletes and connects the two interested parties directly.


As the world's fastest-growing sports community,  Encourages athletes and their support teams to create, share, promote and store personalized video clips of their game/event or practice session performance, all based on well- defined upload criteria. Record and publish your clips in seconds and immediately connect with desired audiences, other athletes and sportspeople including professional sports recruiters, clubs, fans and followers around the globe.


HOCIT's product is a SocialFi app that uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Web3 to help the next wave of up-and-coming athletes promote, fund, and advance their sports careers

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